ONLINE COURSE! Fiction with Kelly Fordon: *REGISTER ANYTIME. Send in up to 10 pages of work each week for in-depth review. You are free to send a work in progress i.e. a novel excerpt or short story or you can send in your responses to my weekly writing prompts. Each week we will read and deconstruct a short story by a well-known writer as well and I will provide lessons based on the reading. Phone consultations available on request. This course is available for 3 months from the time that you register so you can go at your own pace. $75.

ONLINE COURSE! Creative Writing with Kelly Fordon: *REGISTER ANYTIME  You'll be introduced to the practice of creative writing. Each week we will use prompts to create new work. We will discuss different genres of creative writing: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and various combinations including prose poems and lyric essays. We will also read work from established writers in order to learn techniques that inspire our own creativity. This class is for anyone who wants to explore creative writing in all of its wondrous forms. $75.

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